E-mail address: sharleen(at)gmail(dot)com

Personal Bio
A Bangladeshi-American native of Texas, I split my time between Seattle (where I currently reside); the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas (where I grew up and where my parents live); Baton Rouge, Louisiana (where my brother and sister-in-law make their home); and wherever my scholarly pursuits take me (including a diverse range of conferences and interviews). Occupational hazards include book-in-hand-at-all-times syndrome, the most frequent addictions appearing in the form of Victorian sensation fiction and detective novels, with a good measure of South Asian colonial, postcolonial, and diasporic writing thrown in. Most often heard in my home are phone conversations in Bengali, films in Hindi, classical music by Bach, and the sound of vegetables being sliced and diced before sizzling into place for one of our routine delicious vegetarian meals. “Home” consists of me, too many books and papers, and a good-natured and lovable immunologist.

“Boyer poka” is Bengali for “book worm.”

Who I am and what I do
I’m an English professor specializing in 19th and 20th-century British Literature, also focusing on colonial and postcolonial literature (with special interest in South Asia). My work can also be described as gender & sexuality studies. I’m currently conducting a nation-wide search for a tenure-track assistant professorship while employed as a Faculty Liaison for student athletes at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Credentials/Brief Professional Bio
2008-2009: Postdoctoral teaching appointment. University of Washington, Seattle.

June 2008: Ph.D. in English Literature with Graduate Certificate in Women Studies. University of Washington, Seattle.

June 2004: M.A. in English Literature, honored with the Hallien Johnson Memorial Fellowship for best Masters Essay in women & literary study/feminist theory and criticism. University of Washington, Seattle.

May 2002: B. A. in English with minor in Women’s Studies. Texas A&M University.